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My Work

Whether advocating on behalf of our veterans or organizing a roundtable on small business survival in the age of COVID-19, I knew the best way to fight for change was to lead it.

COVID-19 Response

Surviving a Global Cataclysm

The COVID-19 crisis made community outreach more critical than ever.


Over the course of the pandemic, our office fielded more than 65,000 letters, emails and calls. Responding to 4,000+ constituent requests, I helped our office secure over $16,000,000 in COVID-related cost savings for District residents, many of whom found themselves in need of unemployment benefits for the very first time.

To ensure Marylanders had the latest information on COVID-19, I helped organize over 18 vaccine webinars, featuring health officials from all five counties in Maryland’s Sixth District, a Q&A session with Dr. Fauci, as well as the distribution of our COVID Vaccine Newsletter and 100-page resource guide.


Serving Those Who Served Us

Supporting the Veteran Community

Maryland’s 6th Congressional District is home to over 37,000 veterans, and it’s been an honor to advocate on their behalf.


In my role as a Constituent Services Representatives, I’ve assisted servicemen and women with navigating government programs so they can receive the benefits they are due, whether it's disability compensation, job training, housing or college tuition.


My work has also granted me the opportunity to organize bi-partisan veteran roundtables and workshops that connect current and former members of the military with dozens of nonprofits and government organizations, including ServingTogether, Operation Second Chance, Veterans Business Outreach Center (VBOC) Program and Maryland Department of Veterans Affairs.

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On the Campaign Trail

Aspiring to a City Upon a Hill

As a member of the campaign staff, I mobilized hundreds of volunteers, directing canvassing and phone-banking efforts for all five counties that make up Maryland's 6th Congressional District.


Spearheading an aggressive Vote-By-Mail (VBM) initiative—including a series of animated infographics shared over social media with over 20,000 views on Facebook alone—my team made direct contact with over 3,000 voters. Thanks to such dedicated efforts, voter turnout exceeded 78 percent in Frederick County and mail-in-votes accounted for 80,000 of those cast for the candidate.

During the latest re-election campaign, I helped organize a series of listening tours and educational seminars on the greatest challenges facing our community, including the ongoing opioid crisis. I also worked to stage major fundraisers with democratic leadership figures like House Speaker Nancy Pelosi that drew over 1,200 attendees.


The Opioid Criss

The Pandemic's Epidemic

In early 2021, as the country grappled with over 20 million coronavirus cases, Maryland's 6th Congressional District hit another grim milestone, with one of its counties registering an 111.1% increase in opioid deaths.


Like many in Maryland, Congressman Trone has suffered personal tragedy at the hands of opioid addiction, losing a nephew to an overdose of fentanyl-laced heroin. Through my constituent work, I’ve had the extraordinary opportunity to join the battle against substance abuse.


Last fall, I supported the rollout of a new federal initiative to reduce overdoses. In order to build awareness for the program, I’ve supported press conferences with U.S. health officials, tours of local addiction treatment centers, and roundtables with those in recovery.


As opioid abuse continues to impact our community, connecting constituents with recovery support services and grants (to offset treatment costs) has become an integral part of my role and one of the most fulfilling.

Covid-19 Response
Supporting Veterans
The Campaign Trail
The Opioid Criss
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